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Palm Springs Makeup School for Aspiring Artists


There’s more to becoming a makeup artist. More than learning about advanced skills and techniques, the best in the industry are also problem-solvers and innovators. If you want to break into this dynamic sector, you’re going to need the best makeup school in Los Angeles. LAMUS offers comprehensive programs for makeup trends and application for film, television, video, stage, print, and even bridal occasions. Come join our team and fulfill your dream of becoming a top makeup artist.

As one of the best beauty schools in Santa Monica, we at LAMUS pride ourselves with our long list of A-list clients. Our seasoned instructors have worked with celebrities, media personalities, and runway models. If you’re looking to get your makeup artist certification, their experience can definitely help you reach your goal. They want you to have real hands-on experience from our makeup classes, so you can feel confident once you’re in the field. From day one, you’ll know what it’s like to work in a creative, yet dynamic on-set training.


LAMUS: Professional Makeup School in Palm Springs, California

LAMUS-Los Angeles Makeup School offers various makeup classes to help with the following:

  • beauty, media and airbrush

  • fundamentals of beauty makeup

  • special effects makeup

  • hair design

  • airbrush body paint

Diploma and certificate courses are available, based on your individual needs. Plus, you can get a work tour to expand your portfolio. Get a chance to travel to fashion and makeup capitals of the world, such as Milan, Tokyo, Paris, and Bali. Our passion for delivering the best learning experience to our students is what separates us from other makeup schools in California.

Interested in honing your talents for special effects makeup? Wondering about the latest techniques in beauty basics or professional makeup for different skin types? At LAMUS, everyday can be a fun and vibrant experience. You’ll be immersed in hands-on basics from the get-go. This intensive training process helps our students acquire the knowledge they need as soon as possible.

As one of the makeup schools in Palm Springs, CA, our focus has always been on YOU, the student. Trust us to unleash your true creative potential in this demanding and dynamic industry.

LAMUS: More Than a Makeup School

More than a makeup academy, we at LAMUS- Makeup School in Palm Springs, CA also want our students to acquire soft skills needed in the industry. We believe that a successful makeup artist is not only adept with the tools of the trade; he or she is also ethical, aware of different cultural differences, is able to think critically, and solve new problems along the way.

These qualities, plus an ever-evolving sense of creativity, are what our instructors hope to pass on to students. This principle is what made us into one of the best makeup schools inRiverside County. With our expertise and your passion, you can be the best at what you do. Don’t be daunted by the techniques! Whether you’re a beginner or you want to enhance your existing skills, we have the means to help you reach your goals. Our makeup classes are designed to give students plenty of opportunities for constant practice.

Discover a learning experience unlike any other at LAMUS-Los Angeles Makeup School. ENROLL in our makeup classes today! 

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